Finding the Right Agent For First Time Home Buyer Real Estate Agent

First Time Home Buyer Real Estate Agent

first time home buyer real estate agent

Aiming to purchase a home comes with several considerations – location, price, size of property, special requirements, timing of purchase, finding the best option to fit your specific needs and so many more besides. Going it alone may seem like a bright idea initially but in all probability the confusion will soon set in and you could feel inundated with the entire project.   You may be adamant that you want to avoid paying any extra fees to an estate agency however one must realize that in today’s market, an estate agent’s career has evolved into a profession and such assistance is more of an asset than a liability. First time home buyer real estate agents is an important decision, make sure you choose the correct agent.

Firstly, a professional estate agency has a database that is continually updated so that sales associates will understand pricing trends, thus possessing an edge to negotiate accordingly. This in itself can start saving you thousands of € euros. Secondly, a trained estate agent is more likely to note structural defects or alterations that may be required, not necessarily seen by the naked and unexperienced eye.Thirdly AND not lastly, an estate agent who is serious about the business should be up-to-date with MEPA regulations and be able to point out any problems with the layout of a home, which knowledge maybe invaluable at negotiation stage.

Over the last five years the trust factor of estate agencies has increased tremendously and one should never underestimate their value,

When engaging an estate agency such as RE/MAX Malta to handle your real estate requirements, you should at least know what to expect, based on the level of professionalism backing each and every sales associate you could eventually deal with.

A Grasp on the Market

There are thousands of properties of all sorts gracing the property lists handled by RE/MAX Malta. Being such a large local company, which started operating locally in in 2004, RE/MAX Malta launched the RE/MAX Malta Academy purposely to train all its representatives. RE/MAX Malta today boasts 17 offices located around the islands and over 220 associates.

Each town in Malta has its dedicated associates who must have a full grasp on the local property market in order to ensure an efficient service to clients. Property lists are constantly updated as new ones come on the market and as others are amended or sold. Your unique request for assistance will be referred to the associate who specializes in that specific kind of property, budget range and locality.

Talking Property Matters

The associate assigned to you will spend time talking with you to understand what kind of property you are after, and provide you some knowledge that will be invaluable in your decision-making process. You will be asked questions pertaining to the type of property you have in mind, its ideal size, the number of bedrooms needed, whether you want an ample outdoor space, space for pets or cars, basement storage and others. Do not be offended if the associate asks you about your budget, because this is usually the crux of the matter. If your budget is in some way limited to a bank loan, you will be guided on the procedures required to ascertain the possible extent and conditions of such a loan. Checking on this aspect of property buying may help you determine the ultimate value of property, which you can actually afford.

Viewing Time

Once you and your RE/MAX associate have settled with the invaluably important small talk, he/she will be in a better position to research properties for you. The long and the short of it is that the associate will come up with a list of valid properties ready to be viewed and, based on your availability, you will scheduled an appointment during which to begin viewing the properties most likely to suit you. You may strike lucky at the very first viewing, finding just what you need and want to buy. Alternatively, you may have to visit a number of properties before you find the right match for your requirements. The associate will accompany you every time, ask the owners the most pertinent questions, assist you in observing valid aspects of the property and engage with you to discuss the suitability of such.

Negotiating & Concluding

Once you find the property you need, your associate will guide you in providing the best strategy to negotiate the best price to ensure a win-win situation. Your associate will further conclude the agreement by co-ordinating an appointment with your chosen notary so to sign the promise of sale. Should you require assistance with getting your bank loan, your associate will be able to recommend a suitable branch of your chosen bank. Once the notary finalizes all paperwork and notarial searches, you will be called in for the final deed of sale when the property keys will be definitely handed over into your possession.

First time home buyer real estate agent

It all sounds pretty straightforward, but in actual fact, each RE/MAX associate carries out great amounts of background research, calls innumerable homeowners and liaises with you to constantly keep you on the ball as regards your property purchase. At the end of the day, a hearty handshake will seal the transaction and allow you to carry on with your life in peace of mind.